A flickering flame creates a comfortable, welcoming feeling in any room. With modern technology, we are able to enjoy that elegance without the fuss, mess, or even the heat at the touch of a button with a realistic electric fireplace. What smoke and mirrors are used in these convenient modern appliances to create such lively, flickering flames?


The first essential aspect of a working fireplace, electric or otherwise, is the generation of heat. While some modern electric fireplaces allow the heating element to be turned off entirely, they are all capable of producing extremely efficient warmth. This is created via a simple heating coil paired with a fan, which pushes warmed air into the room.


The delightful flames produced by electric fireplaces are enough to fool the eye into thinking they are real. The trick to getting the fluid, dynamic feel of real flames is surprisingly simple. Light from a light bulb, often an LED,  bounces off of a rotisserie-style silver refractor with three-dimensional patterns that create the illusion of a random flicker of flame. Some electric fireplaces even have a device which makes a crackling noise as the refractor spins, lending another level of realism to the fire.


Realistic electric fireplaces offer all the enjoyment of real fireplaces without all the hassle. They don’t need a fuel source and they don’t require any of the cleanup involved in utilizing wood, coal, or fuel. This leaves a great deal of freedom in styling how the flames appear fueled. Realistic looking logs, beds of coal, futuristic metal piping, river stones, and other materials can serve as the bed for the dancing firelight.

If you want to enjoy the comfort of a fire in any room, an electric fireplace is a great option. The blower system provides an energy efficient way to keep a room warm and comfortable, and during the summer the heating element can be shut off entirely so you can enjoy the flicker of a cozy fire without sweating the extra heat. The surface of these electrical units remains cool to the touch even while heating, making it a safer options for homes with small children and pets. With elegant, simple construction available in an array of designs, you’ll find an electrical fireplace perfect for any decor.

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