Dress your BBQ spread to impress with our lineup of homemade sauces. Whether you’re grilling classic burgers, to tacos or beefy sandwiches, these sauces will not only take your creations to the next level, they might just steal the show. Make your 4th of July cookout one for the books and dip, spread, and douse your meal using these easy sauce recipes.



Forget the store-bought stuff and lay our version on thick. Smoked tomatoes and a blend of spices make for a ketchup of epic proportions.

We’re bringing the heat with this stuff. Smoked hot peppers meet onion, vinegar and a pinch of sugar for a sauce that will have your taste buds smokin’.

Meet your new secret weapon. This versatile sauce is perfect for everything from burgers and fries, to beefy sandwiches.

This sauce is as easy to make as it is full of flavor. Our Smoked Bloody Mary Mix and Sweet & Heat BBQ Sauce combine forces for a sauce perfect for steak, wings, or pulled pork.

Traegering some seafood for the 4th? Dip it our smoked tartar sauce to really take it over the top.

This sweet and spicy relish is the perfect topping for anything that needs an extra kick. Make it at least a day ahead to really let the flavors shine.

No matter what you’re making, our selection of homemade sauce recipes will take your meal to the next level. They’re so good, and so simple to make, you may never buy store-bought sauce again!