Xtreme 6020 II

The Xtreme™ fireplace by Fireplace Xtrordinair offers the most dramatic, linear gas fireplace available on the planet with an extensive presentation of flames; limited edition interior fire-art; interior top-and-bottom lighting; three liner options; three glass floor media options; and built-to-suit exterior surround options. The Xtreme features 1,200 square inches of fire viewing area with a large, proportional arrangement of flames. It can be operated for low-to-no heat output, or direct heat to adjoining rooms via power heat ducts (within 25’ of the unit). 

• Direct-vent gas fireplace in a clean face design
• Unique heat transfer system offers a huge beautiful flame without an overwhelming amount of heat
• Custom Accent Lighting: overhead lighting can be turned ON/OFF and has three levels of intensity; under floor lighting with ON/OFF control
• Modular burner allows you to turn down flames
• Stainless steel exterior exhaust fan housing with standard flashing
• Power vent exhaust fan is designed to allow for additional installation options by pulling excess heat off the unit and releasing it outside.Numerous internal configurations and exterior surround options are available for a completely personalized appearance. 

(Please allow 6-8 weeks from date of order.) 



Black Painted

Black Enamel

Stainless Steel


Surround Panels

Satin Black Enamel

Rust Finish

Stainless Steel

Interior Media

Tahoe Drift


Maui Grove

Spiral Chain

Fire Glass

Reflective Platinum


Cobalt Blue


Studio Surround Trim

Stainless Steel

Satin Black