Transform that inefficient masonry fireplace with this insert and still enjoy the sights, sounds and scents of a wood burning fire. Enjoy the view through our large glass door. The Freedom™ reigns as one of the most efficient large wood inserts on the market, delivering a remarkable 71.1% efficiency. It is the only insert of its size that can either mount flush or extended seven inches onto the hearth. The Freedom™ is suitable for most existing masonry fireplaces because the firebox is tapered to fit the widest possible range of fireplace openings. This insert can also accommodate a 24” log, making overnight burns easier than ever before. 


Heat up to 2,250 sq. ft. for 12 hours on one load of wood. 


  • Convection Fan

Brass, Black, or Pewter Door

Fire Screen

Elk Scene Etched Glass


Heating Capacity: 1,200 to 2,250 Sq. Feet

Heat Output: 73,300 BTU's / Hour

Steady State Efficiency: Up to 71.1%

Maximum Burn Time: Up to 12 Hours

Firebox Size: 2.9 Cubic Feet

Maximum Log Size: 24"

Emissions: 3.2 Grams Per Hour

Weight: 455 Pounds

Construction: 5/16" to 3/16" Steel Plate


Minimum Fireplace Size:

For Architects, Builders & Specifiers: 

We can provide installation and owner manuals.

We can provide CAD, BIM, SPECS, SPEC WIZARD, Solidworks, and LEED information if needed.