Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

Elizabeth ManuelComment

Expand your living space into the outdoors with an amazing outdoor kitchen! Everyone has their own style they prefer so here a list of ideas to get you started! 

kitchen 1.PNG


Inspiration for a transitional backyard stone patio kitchen remodel in Minneapolis.

kitchen 2.PNG


Large trendy backyard tile patio kitchen in Melbourne with a roof extension. Great idea for storage to protect grill from weather.

kitchen 3.PNG


Inspiration for a timeless backyard outdoor kitchen deck remodel in Brisbane with a roof extension

kitchen 4.PNG


Mid-sized rustic backyard stamped concrete patio kitchen idea in Boise with a pergola. Elegant yet  comfy.


Bon Vivant

This gourmet kitchen includes wood burning pizza oven, grill, side burner, egg smoker, sink, refrigerator, trash chute, serving station and more! 

kitchen 6.PNG


This outdoor kitchen/bar provides everything you need to entertain your guests outdoors. The stunning stainless steel cabinets along the wall house a sink, refrigerator and plenty of storage.

kitchen 7.PNG


Contemporary tile patio kitchen idea in Miami.

kitchen 8.PNG


This freestanding covered patio with an outdoor kitchen and fireplace is the perfect retreat! Just a few steps away from the home, this covered patio is about 500 square feet. The homeowner had an existing structure they wanted replaced. This new one has a custom built wood burning fireplace with an outdoor kitchen and is a great area for entertaining.

kitchen 9.PNG


Stunning contemporary coastal home which saw native emotive plants soften the homes masculine form and help connect it to it's laid back beachside setting. 

kitchen 10.PNG


Outdoor kitchen deck - Mid-sized traditional backyard outdoor kitchen deck idea in Kansas City with a pergola.