564 Diamond-Fyre

The 564 Diamond-Fyre GSR2 features a single ribbon burner that will heat an area up to 950 square feet with a maximum of 20,500 BTUs. This fireplace has a beautiful decorative crushed glass floor that comes available in your choice of three colors. The reflective glass is bottom-lit with the adjustable accent light and together with the flames gives the impression of millions of glowing, shimmering gemstones.

With a reduced depth dimension and a large turn-down ratio, the 564™ Diamond-Fyre is great for heating bedrooms and dens and has flexibility for year-round usage. The 564™ Diamond-Fyre comes standard with the GreenSmart 2 Wall Mounted Remote that gives you full control over this unit from the comfort of your favorite chair. It also features 564 square inches of high quality, high clarity tempered glass that comes standard with the 2015 ANSI-compliant invisible safety screen, increasing the overall safety of this unit for you and your family.

The 564 Diamond-Fyre is a perfect choice for complementing contemporary styles and has great flexibility for heating your home year-round.



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