Our  Services


Rick's has factory trained staff  to install any of the products we sell in any application. The installation process will be easy and done correctly every time. Whether it is existing or new construction homes, we can install it.  


Rick's has factory and nationally trained staff to service any type of fireplace, grill, or stove out there. We pride ourselves to be able to sell and service all the products we carry. (Rick's can diagnose any problem that may be caused your unit to not work or function properly and can fix it, but may not be able to get a hold of parts of manufactures we do not sell.)

Design Consultation

Rick's has staff members with over 15-30 years of experience in designing the perfect decor for any of our products. We can help design any of our products into decor from traditional/rustic to contemporary/modern and everything in between. 

  • Fireplace Placement

  • Stove Placement

  • Outdoor Island Construction

  • Outdoor Fire Pit Construction

  • ETC...(Thousands of different products to meet your needs)

Chimney Scans

Rick's offer video chimney scans.  These are primarily for inspection and insurance purposes. We can provide you with a full video of what the condition is like inside of your chimney.

Grilling Consultation

Rick's has staff members that have grilled with all of the seasonings, sauces, and types of grills Rick's has to offer. If you need  any tips or recommendations on anything you are thinking about cooking, Rick's can definitely help you out. There is nothing Rick's hasn't been able to cook on our grills, everything from hamburgers to upside down pineapple cake.

Provide Heating Pellets

Rick's prides itself on supplying the very best when it comes to heating pellet for pellet stove. Rick's only carries premium grade pellet that are tested at the premium standard by the Pellet Fuel Institute. Premium pellet the best when it come to the greatest heat output from the pellets you are burning and the least amount of ash produced in the process.